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The company has well defined plans to set up a world class physiotherapy research and training institute, with the accreditation of local as well as renowned international universities. The main goal of the institute will be to produce each year, skilled physiotherapists trained with the most modern, evidence based and result oriented treatment protocols.

In order to provide complete rehabilitation services, the centre has plans to establish a world class Orthotics and Prosthesis centre (Artificial limbs), providing both comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic healthcare services. This centre will have technical affiliation with International orthotic and prosthetic institutes and suppliers, thereby providing relief to truly special people, who have overcome profound physical challenges to reclaim their lives.

The company plans also has plans to set up a full-fledged In-Patient facility, for patients who need admission to ensure best possible care. The hospital aims to become the best and the most advanced tertiary care referral centre for physiotherapy & rehabilitation in South India and will play a major and decisive role in the Health tourism sector. The facility will consist of VIP suites, private and semi-private rooms and general wards. Resident doctors, Visiting Consultants & Nursing care will be available for complete care.

An International School for Special Needs Children will be set up with an objective of providing early intervention for such children and support for social well-being and to integrate children & adults with disabilities in social community at all levels as equal communicators, and to prepare them with normal standards to face their life with courage and confidence.

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