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WELLNESSONE- Rewind to good health

Physiotherapy-center-in-calicutWelcome to WellnessOne - a chain of world class and state of the art multi-specialty physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres, located at Calicut in India. The centre aims to focus on implementing evidence based, result oriented, scientific protocols in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. We at WellnessOne strive to fill the current gap existing in the advanced physiotherapy and long term rehabilitative care, thereby providing relief to numerous acute and chronically ill patients.

We believe the future of healthcare lies in an integrated approach and our multidisciplinary team offers you a wide range of services to maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout your life-span. We aim to provide individualised services that are catered to specific needs of the patients and are developed and provided by a team of highly qualified and experienced health professionals. WellnessOne will work closely with hospitals and physicians who treat patients on an acute level until they reach an intermediate or stability phase and can be shifted to our more homely, non-hospital settings.

paediatric-physiotherapy-in-calicutWe are affiliated with international organizations, universities and networks, recognized in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. This affiliation provides us access to unrivalled experience, knowledge and best practice in the sphere of long-term care and rehabilitation therapies, helping to drive regional standards in the sector. Our staff receive regular education and training at these institutes of excellence and the facility regularly undertakes auditing and evaluation procedures devised to promote clinical excellence.

We have well established plans to expand the concept to multiple cities across India and abroad, by opening up “centres of excellence” in various segments of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

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